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Whether alimony — sometimes called spousal support — will be awarded at all is far from a foregone conclusion in a New Jersey divorce. Even when both parties agree that some level of support is appropriate, both the amount and duration of payments may be intensely disputed. Many people hold misconceptions about this aspect of the law. If you believe you should receive alimony or that your spouse will seek it, solid information and highly experienced legal counsel are essential.

Types Of Alimony And Factors That Must Be Considered

In contrast to determinations of child support, there is no "alimony calculator" in New Jersey. Judges have very substantial discretion in awarding it, based on straightforward factors such as the length of the marriage and many more complex, subjective ones such as the parties' health and earning capacities. As a result, alimony is often a contentious issue. Strategies when entering negotiations, mediation or litigation must be aligned with those for equitable distribution of assets and property.

There are several different types of alimony, ranging from temporary alimony while the divorce is in process to open durational alimony after a lengthy marriage. Limited duration, rehabilitative and reimbursement alimony may be awarded as well. The outcome of your case may well depend on your attorney's:

  • Knowledge of current New Jersey case law, recent appellate decisions regarding alimony, and any trends or tendencies applicable in your specific jurisdiction
  • Access to expert professional resources equipped to provide research and testimony in support of your financial position
  • Established skills, credibility in negotiations and ability to litigate alimony and other contested issues effectively if needed

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