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The determination of child support is an extremely important consideration in any New Jersey divorce or other family law matter involving minor children. Whether you anticipate paying or receiving child support — or if you believe modification of an existing child support order is justified — it is certain that the outcome will significantly impact your financial resources and your ability to provide for your children as you wish.

Planning for life after divorce requires an informed, realistic view of child support obligations. Although New Jersey child support statutes and guidelines are extremely detailed and designed to prevent disputes, orders are still dependent on the accuracy and completeness of information provided to the court. At Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisberg, LLC, in Morristown, our lawyers address child support issues and concerns with diligence and integrity.

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Important aspects of your case may include:

  • If you have personal or total household income exceeding approximately $187,000 annually, statutory guidelines will be only part of the equation. Deviations from those guidelines may be financially substantial, and you need an attorney who will aggressively protect your interests.
  • The realities of your prospective child custody and parenting time agreement, who pays for health insurance, and many other factors may be relevant in establishing child support.
  • Your child's special needs, obligations to support children from a prior marriage, and many other factors may apply in your unique situation. There is no substitute for experienced legal counsel when your financial future is on the line.
  • Mediation is often the best path to resolution of child support disputes. Our professional team consistently emphasizes solutions that minimize animosity and conflict, but we stand always ready to defend our clients' legal rights at trial if needed.

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The decisions you make today will matter in the future. "Giving in" on child support and other financial issues can be a source of regret. We are dedicated to helping every client understand his or her options and make sound decisions regarding all important financial concerns. To request a consultation, please contact us by telephone or email.