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Northern New Jersey Equitable Distribution Lawyers

Aside from child custody and visitation issues, how money, property and debts will be split is the most common source of dispute in divorce. New Jersey law is complex in this regard, beginning with the fact that it stipulates that all marital assets are subject to equitable distribution — which means fair, but not necessarily equal, division between the parties.

Morris County Attorneys For Asset Division In Divorce · Decades Of Experience In Complex, High-Asset Cases

At Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisberg, LLC, we are extremely diligent in analyzing all aspects of our clients' and their divorcing spouses' financial positions. In concert with other highly qualified professional resources whenever needed, our lawyers skillfully target the best possible outcomes in view of our clients' specific needs and goals.

While our knowledge and preparation enable resolution of the great majority of financial disputes through negotiation or mediation, we also have the extensive divorce litigation experience necessary to succeed at trial. Attorneys at our firm have dealt effectively with many complex challenges involving:

  • Valuation of closely held businesses, professional practices, real estate, investments, pensions, art collections, jewelry, celebrity goodwill, and a wide range of other highly significant, complex assets
  • Exposure of undisclosed income and assets through forensic accounting
  • Establishment of whether specific assets qualify for treatment as marital or separate property
  • Development of highly specific, comprehensive property settlement agreements
  • Analysis of prenuptial agreements and action to defend or attack their validity
  • Negotiation or litigation to resolve all other pivotal financial concerns such as any child support and alimony, if applicable

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You can depend on our Morristown-based attorneys for equitable distribution to prioritize your financial interests and future. Whether you are primarily concerned about fairness in division of property such as your family home and retirement accounts or have sizable wealth on the line, our firm will be an exceptional resource for you. To request a consultation or provide a referral, please contact us today.