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Morristown Family Law Appeal Attorneys

The decisions and orders handed down in family law matters have a serious lasting impact on the lives of everyone involved. In relatively rare cases, a divorce or other disputed matter goes all the way through trial, only to result in a decision that appears unfair and inconsistent with the law. If you believe your case was decided in error, you have the right to appeal.

A History Of Success In New Jersey Appellate Courts

Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisberg, LLC, is a premier New Jersey law firm for the pursuit of valid family law appeals. Most notably, founding partner Francis W. (Frank) Donahue, Esq., has successfully taken many precedent-setting appellate cases before both the Superior Court and New Jersey Supreme Court. A number of these cases have produced precedent-setting published opinions that have shaped family law practice in our state.

Diligence And Integrity In Advising And Representing Our Clients

Because our attorneys are all well-credentialed and dedicated exclusively to family law practice, we are adept at evaluating whether sufficient grounds for an appeal exist. This is an essential quality, as effective pursuit of an appeal can be an arduous and costly endeavor. It is also important to recognize that:

  • All civil appeals in New Jersey have strict time limits for filing after the final judgment has been entered.
  • The appellate process has many complex and technical requirements, making your attorney's relevant experience in preparing and filing the brief and other documents paramount.
  • Rigorous analysis of the real impact of an erroneous decision and, should the appeal be successful, the likelihood that re-trying the case or issue will be worth the expense and strain our client will incur.

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If you are in need of counsel from a proven family law appeal lawyer near Morristown or elsewhere in Northern or Central New Jersey, we encourage you to contact our firm. We welcome serious, direct client inquiries and appellate referrals from other attorneys.