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Morristown Child Custody Modification Lawyers

When a divorce judgment or other family law orders are issued, no one can anticipate life changes that may later make them impossible to fulfill or detrimental to a child. In other situations, a parent's financial success may justify an upward adjustment of support or a custodial parent may wish to move children out of state. New Jersey law contains specific requirements and procedures to address such matters.

Your Knowledgeable, Efficient Legal Team When Family Circumstances Change

Lawyers at Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisberg, LLC, have extensive experience filing and defending against post-judgment motions across the spectrum of family law. We will analyze whether the reason for a modification should be viewed as a substantial change in circumstances by the court and explain what is necessary to proceed.

Attorneys For Somerset County Support Modifications, Child Relocation Concerns And Custody Changes

Our strong professional reputation and track record in hundreds of post-judgment hearings throughout Northern New Jersey will be important assets for you. We are prepared to address every aspect of situations such as your need for:

  • A reduction in child support or alimony due to job loss, a health crisis or other adverse circumstances
  • An upward modification of child support justified by an ex-spouse's increased income or significant changes in children's needs, including their educational expenses
  • The court's permission to relocate outside of New Jersey with your child or children to serve their best interests — or representation to oppose and prevent a move-away that will unacceptably interfere with your parent-child relationship
  • Modification of child custody and/or visitation orders due to dangerous conditions in an ex-spouse's home, child neglect or a wide range of other serious developments
  • Actions for enforcement of existing orders
  • Family law appeals when judicial errors have been made in issuing orders

Our Morristown attorneys approach child custody modifications, child relocation matters and all other post-divorce actions with great care and determination. We will understand the urgency of your concerns and promptly prioritize your case. To request a consultation or discuss a referral, contact us as soon as possible.