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Morristown Property Settlement Agreement Lawyers

The overwhelming majority of New Jersey divorce cases are settled without trial, but the time, effort and expense involved in reaching these settlements vary widely. Often, the many decisions that must be made are best considered and addressed through the careful drafting of a comprehensive property settlement agreement — sometimes called a PSA.

Understanding The Importance Of A Settlement Agreement

You may choose to draft a property settlement agreement before filing for divorce or afterward. Under no circumstances should you sign such an agreement without consulting a qualified, experienced family law attorney. Important considerations include:

  • Properly drafted property settlement agreements address all the rights and obligations of each party, extending far beyond property and financial considerations to cover child custody and visitation, child support payments, alimony if applicable, and more.
  • There may be a decided advantage to having your own attorney draft your property settlement agreement or, minimally, you must make certain that the attorney you hire will review every detail of the agreement for defense of your interests.

  • You may be able to reach agreement on the terms of a property settlement agreement through direct negotiations or mediation, and our firm is an excellent resource for either approach.
  • With few exceptions, property settlement agreements are the direct basis for the final judgment of divorce. However, they may be challenged as unconscionable or subject to modification, especially when they contain highly unusual stipulations or ambiguous language.

Morristown-based property settlement agreement attorneys at our highly regarded firm are adept at drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts that protect our clients' vital interests. We exercise extreme diligence in understanding all relevant factors, spotting potential issues and enlisting experts in valuation, specialized accounting and other disciplines when needed.

Considering Divorce From Bed And Board? Our New Jersey Attorneys Will Address Your Questions And Concerns.

For a range of religious, personal and practical reasons, some couples choose to live separately and settle their mutual affairs and obligations while remaining legally married. A lawyer at our firm can explain all the requirements and nuances of this approach.

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