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Divorce, custody matters and other serious legal concerns that families face are often difficult to resolve without the perspective and guidance of a neutral third party. Often, the best way to manage the emotional components of such cases and resolve them without costly, drawn-out litigation is for the parties to enter mediation or arbitration.

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At Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisberg, LLC, our team of family law attorneys has extensive, wide-ranging experience with both these forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Three distinguished partners in our firm, Phyllis S. Klein, Esq.Stephanie F. Hagan, Esq., and Debra S. Weisberg, Esq. are New Jersey Superior Court-approved family mediators who receive many court appointments, are often selected by clients choosing to enter private mediation, and receive many mediation referrals from other lawyers.

Across our practice dedicated exclusively to New Jersey family law, we consistently emphasize just resolution of matters outside the courtroom whenever possible. As mediators, we are committed to presenting accurate legal information and helping the parties reach practical, effective and lasting settlements.

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Advantages of mediation in your case may include maintaining ultimate control over the outcome and being able to present your positions in a less restrictive setting than the courtroom. Although less commonly utilized, divorce arbitration is a process chosen by some parties who want to ensure matters are resolved privately and are willing to accept decisions made by the arbitrator.

Whatever disputed issues you must confront — ranging from child custody and parenting time to equitable property division, alimony and other financial concerns — mediation is likely worth considering, and it may be required by the court. For a consultation to discuss all options for resolving your New Jersey divorce or other family dispute with an experienced Morristown family mediation attorney, contact our firm.