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Mediation Can Prevent a Blue Christmas

As the holidays approach, we just wanted to remind those of you who may be experiencing parenting time issues to please consider attending mediation instead of making an application to the court. Mediation provides a quicker and cheaper alternative in comparison to submitting an application or motion to the court. A mediation session can be scheduled with a mediator within days of your decision to attend. On the other hand, it will take a judge approximatley one month to decide your motion, even if it relates to the upcoming holidays. While a mediator does charge a fee, both parties may attend without attorneys and craft a resolution that is mutually convenient for them.  

If you decide to file a motion, you will most likely need an attorney to make sure the motion is prepared, filed and argued properly, which may cost thousands of dollars. Also, if a decision is left up to a judge, the judge may very well make a decision that neither party likes and which will only apply to these upcoming holidays. It is far better to reach a compromise during the mediation process, a situation wherein you have the power to craft a parenting time schedule that will hopefully stand the test of time.

At Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisbeg, LLC, we have two court approved mediators who can help you resolve your current holiday parenting time issues as well as create a long term parenting plan so that you can avoid parenting time issues during the holidays and at any other point during the year.

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