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Party Blocked from Vacating Divorce Judgment Against Him Because of Failure to Cooperate

The Appellate Division denied a husband's request to vacate a default judgment that was entered against him by a trial court. The Appellate Division noted that the husband has been guilty of ignorning court orders, had failed to attend a mandatory Early Settlement Panel and a default hearing during which the trial court adopted his wife's uncontested submissions as to equitable distribution, alimony and child support. The husband's flagrant disregard of the judicial process amounted to inexcusable neglect and the Appellate Division affirmed the trial court's decision to deny the husband's motion to vacate the default judgment. 

The husband had an attorney early in the divorce process, but he represented himself after his counsel asked to be relieved shortly before the Early Settlement Panel. This matter exemplifies the importance of having an attorney during the divorce process that will make sure that you are in compliance with the rules of court and receive a fair outcome. 

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